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Travertine Bullnose Coping

Home > Products > Natural Stone CopingClassic Travertine 3cm

Natural Stone coping and deck tiles are available in a variety of beautiful colors. They are available in various sizes of coping and paving tiles. They are ideal for interior as well as exterior uses. As with any natural stone, slight imperfections in color, size, and shape are to be expected. We strongly recommend inspection before installation. Use constitutes acceptance.

Slightly thinner at 1 1/4" thick, classic travertine coping offers the elegant look of natural at a price level comparable to flagstone as well as brick bullnose coping. Expect shade variation.

All Natural Stones must be sealed. Sealing is an absolute MUST to guard against attack on salt water pools. Sealing will prevent water penetration that can affect the durability of the stone. Water penetration can also damage the material in freezing conditions. Buyer must determine that the product’s slip resistance is acceptable for an outdoor application.

*Freeze-Thaw Warning: Not recommended for climates where severe freeze-thaw cycles are experienced

Click on the images below for close-up view and product information.

Noche Honed Classic

Noche Honed Coping 4x12x3cm Noche Honed Coping 12x12x3cm Noche Honed Coping 12x24x3cm    

Noche Tumbled Classic

Noche Tumbled Coping 12x12x3cm Noche Tumbled Coping 4x12x3cm 2x4 Noche Split Face Mosaic 3x6 Noche Split Face Tile 6x24 Noche Ledge Stone Panel
Noche Tumbled Versailles Pavers Noche Tumbled Coping 12x24x3cm Noche Tumbled Paver 12x12x3cm Noche Tumbled Paver 16x24x3cm 1x1 Noche Tumbled Mosaic
1x2 Noche Split Face Mosaic 2x2 Noche Tumbled Mosaic 9x6 Noche Ledge Stone Corner    

Torreon Honed Classic

Torreon Honed Coping 12x24x3cm Torreon Honed Coping 12x12x3cm Torreon Honed Coping 4x12x3cm    

Torreon Tumbled Classic

Torreon Tumbled Coping 4x12x3cm Torreon Tumbled Coping 12x12x3cm 9x6 Torreon Ledge Stone Corner 1x2 Torreon Split Face Mosaic 2x2 Torreon Tumbled Mosaic
1x1 Torreon Tumbled Mosaic Torreon Tumbled Paver 12x12x3cm Torreon Tumbled Paver 16x24x3cm 2x4 Torreon Split Face Mosaic 3x6 Torreon Split Face Tile
6x24 Torreon Ledge Stone Panel Torreon Tumbled Versailles Pavers Torreon Tumbled 12x18 Double Bullnose Coping    

Travertine Blend

1x2 Travertine Blend Split Face Mosaic 2x4 Travertine Blend Split Face Mosaic 3x6 Travertine Blend Split Face 6x24 Travertine Blend Ledge Stone Panel 9x6 Travertine Blend Ledge Stone Corner

Walnut Tumbled Classic

1x2 Walnut Split Face Mosaic 2x4 Walnut Split Face Mosaic 3x3 Walnut Tumbled 3x6 Walnut Split Face Tile 3x6 Walnut Tumbled
6x6 Walnut Tumbled Walnut Tumbled Coping 4x12x3cm Walnut Tumbled Coping 12x12x3cm Walnut Tumbled Coping 12x24x3cm