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Aim Glass Series

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There will be variations in color, shade, texture, and size. Final selection should be made from actual glass and not from glass samples or color reproductions. Consumer should inspect glass before installation.

All glass MUST be set using any high-grade, flexible mortar system (Latex modify thinset). All glass MUST be installed according to ANSI A 108.16 installation specifications.

 Click on the images below for close-up view and product information.

GC82323B2 GC82323B3 GC82323B7 GC82323B8 GC82323G3
GC82323K1 GC82323T1 GC82323T2 GC82348B2 GC82348B3
GC82348B7 GC82348B8 GC82348G3 GC82348K1 GC82348T1
GC82348T2 GC84848B7 GC84848B8 GC84848G3 GP82323B1
GP82323B2 GP82323B3 GP82323B4 GP82323K1 GP82323K3
GP82323N1 GP82348B1 GP82348B2 GP82348B3 GP82348B4
GP82348K1 GP82348K3 GP82348N1 GV42020N3 MT82323B1
MT82323B2 MT82323G1 MT82348B1 MT82348B2 MT82348G1
MT84848B1 MT84848B2 MT84848G1